Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Podo the Lion

I made this amigurumi for Tyce for his birthday back in October. He saw it next to my bed first thing in the morning, grabbed him, and asked if it was his. I guess leaving it there until I could wrap it wasn't the smartest thing, haha! It's ok for some birthday presents to show up early and unwrapped, especially when you're 3. When I asked Tyce what he wanted to name him, he announced, "Podo!" (pronounced: Pō-dō). I'm not sure where he came up with that one, and despite suggestions of other names that were a little more lion-y, he was adamant on Podo.

This one was a little harder to make; working with the "fun fur" wasn't exactly fun. The front legs seem weird to me because they are so long too. But Tyce likes him, and so did my sister haha.

I got that pattern on Lion Brand Yarn's website.

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